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I want to be a grace guerilla
no longer a chameleon of karma
the time has come to stand out from the crowd.
I want to give forgiveness a fighting chance of freeing me
I want to live in love
and live it out loud.

(from Humanifesto by Gerard Kelly.1 The full poem is available here)


For several years I have been on a journey of exploration and discovery. It has been a journey from a settled and stable life of faith within a traditional, mainstream Christian denomination towards a less settled and stable, yet more personal and profound, life of discipleship.

annapurna-242482_640This pilgrimage has been prompted by a growing sense that the forms and expressions of faith that I had grown up with no longer ‘fit’ with the world in which I am living. It is widely recognised that our culture is undergoing a fundamental change. This has been described as a shift from modernity to postmodernity and from Christendom to post-Christendom.

It is not just society that has been changing. I have been changing with it and I now resonate with many aspects of postmodernism. Read more