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Crisis of Church

New Paradigm Ahead
New Paradigm Ahead by One Way Stock CC BY 2.0

A friend of mine was asked if he was having a crisis of faith. He replied,

No, I’m having a crisis of church.

He seems to sum up what I am hearing from many people who have faith and want to take it seriously, or who are seriously exploring faith. Many are telling me that the church does not help them on their spiritual journey. In fact church has often been a hindrance.

And, I must say, this resonates with my own experience over the past ten years or so. It was initially hard to be honest and to admit that church no longer ‘fit’, it no longer felt right – especially since I was the minister!

Obviously I did not always feel this way. I had been comfortable in church and my faith was nurtured within it. So what is going on that I and many others are now finding church a problem?

I think that a large part of it has to do with culture. Read more