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Multiculturalism, ISIS and faith  0

I like diversity. I am in an international marriage and have lived in several cultures. Not only is cultural diversity interesting, but exposure to it has broadened my own experience and at times shown me the weaknesses and blind-spots in my own worldview. Thus, I like the concept of multi-culturalism: that different cultural communities should be allowed to exist together with tolerance, respect and sharing.

By Monisha.pushparaj (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons
But it seems that this ideal is under threat because absolutist worldviews are on the increase, the obvious example being radical Islam. This is a way of understanding the world that is obviously proving attractive to many people.

It is also a perfect example of the dangers of worldviews highlighted by postmodernism. As postmodern thinkers have often pointed out, worldviews come at a price. Because they are comprehensive in scope and because they depend on a particular narrative of the world they have a tendency to become absolutist ideologies. In order to maintain themselves such worldviews must negate all other visions, describing them as deviant or disruptive. Read more